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Having done all kinds of photo shoots, we have come to learn the most common questions that people ask about our services, and thought that this page would be a great resource for you to find answers to the questions you may have about the service you have selected.

Weddings are a beautiful and surreal day in your life that will be over before you know it! So many wonderful things are happening all in the period of 24 hrs. It is important to have the right photographer there to capture all of those wonderful moments, and here is some advice for you on your special day:

1. Be sure to enjoy each moment. Even though we will be with you for almost every step, you need to remember to live in the moment, and that will truly come through in all the pictures that we take.

2. Stay hydrated! It's going to pretty much be a guarantee that it will be a hot day, and with your wedding dress and all of the excitement, it can be easy to forget to drink enough water. Be sure to have some with you, or be sure to ask your Maid of Honor, one of the Bridesmaids, or your Wedding Planner to have some handy for you.

3. Make sure you have enough to eat before getting started. Low blood sugar can result in a fainting spell, and that will put a stop to things pretty quickly. Same advice as the water, be sure to have something in your stomach! This all goes for your bridal party, too.

Couples Sessions
Couples sessions are always fun, and as long as you follow a couple of easy tips, you will be able to take come great pictures with your significant other.
1. Pick out something to wear that not only looks good, but that you feel comfortable in. If you are wearing something that you don't feel good in, it will show in your pictures.

2. Enjoy your partner and be sure to invest yourself in them at the photo shoot. Don't focus on anything else.

Senior Portraits
Senior portraits celebrate and represent the commencement of the next step in life for our keiki, and will show them taking the first steps into their adult lives. If you have a place or item that has a significant meaning to your family, please let us know so we can try to incorporate it into your session. Also, be sure to bring a snack and a drink for the session so everyone remains comfortable.

Family Sessions
There is nothing more special than being able to look back on family pictures as time goes on. The larger your family is, the more effort will go into getting everyone on the same page, but please remember the following to keep it as painless as possible:

1. Make sure everyone has had a good breakfast or meal before showing up to the photo session. Especially little ones. Also, have a couple of quick snacks handy.

2. Bring water and/or their favorite drinks in a small cooler in case anyone gets thirsty or cranky.

3. Explain what you'll be doing to all the little ones ahead of time so no one gets the wrong impression of what you will be doing. This can help them to avoid getting cranky because they don't understand what they are there for.

4. Bring a few changes of clothes for everyone, just in case.

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